Founded in 2021 by Jacinta Lombardozzi [jac], started with the hope to meet a demand within the Australian fashion industry To run small scale localised production, as well as to provide access to industrial grade facilities and services that support the practice of making. This city has a relentlessly creative pulse, always on the next thing, always feeding itself. being a small yet necessary part of the conveyor belt we live in, working with independent designers who push the envelope, and nurturing the unique creativity that we have here in Australia is what drives us to keep going. We don’t need more mass quantities of clothing, we need new ideas and stories - exists to help tell them. operates with an eye to the future, with a particular interest in brands who make use of remnants and dead stock materials by use of upcycling and re-purposing waste. by definition fashion is not a sustainable practice, but with the right systems in place it can be done effectively and consciously with minimal impact. these projects are always encouraged and welcomed in our space and a project of particular interest may be prioritised over others. 

textile waste accumulated from our production room machine bags [overlocking / babylocking threads + trimmings] are donated to naarm-based homeware label, clumsy. clumsy make cushions from up-cycled and dead-stock material and use local designer textile waste as filling.